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Summer Palace 颐和园, Beijing

Hello! My name is Amy Ly (李松玲). I'm a Business Designer at IDEO Shanghai.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, graduated from Yale University with a degree in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience track), and received an MBA from Tsinghua University. I enjoy exploring new neighborhoods, listening to podcasts, cooking, weekend coding, and walking fast.


Infrequently updated ramblings and musings.

Gym This Week

Log in with Foursquare to track your gym visits (+ custom hashtags). Built with Ruby on Rails.

Source code on Github

amy likes to eat

A photo blog of my cooking adventures; recipe notes included. Hosted on Tumblr.

All the Movies I Have Seen

Visualization of all the movies I've rated on Built with jQuery, Raphael.js, Python.

Source code on Github


Skills: Product management, digital marketing, human-centered design

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